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Losing weight  may not be easy but with the right team , individualized attention ,and  proper supplements, you can

Increase your energy level

Lower cholesterol levels

Lower blood pressure

Reduce aches and pains created by weight gain

Decrease risk of heart disease and stroke

Wake up fresh and energized

Dr. Arrogante has been in the medical field for over 50 years. His high personal values, ethics  and experience are the driving force behind choosing Dr. Arrogante to join our team.  We are excited to have Dr. Arrogante on staff  where his flawless career, coupled with his knowledge and experience , brings the best value and combination for you.

Dr. Carlito B Arrogante MD

Appetite Suppressants


Fat Burner

DNA Fit Test


Every individual has a different metabolism, system, shape & and much more. Therefore we offer Individual Personalized Plans and do not believe in "one size fits all" plan.